Commemorating Singapore with the Jubilee Walk

Hey everyone!

If you are a tourist or a local who wish to explore the sights and sounds which make Singapore Singapore (and you also wish to engage in quite  a lot of walking!) then we would highly recommend the Jubilee Walk! The government-initiated trail consists of over 20 landmarks, spanning 8 kilometres in the heart of downtown Singapore. It took over 3 days for us to complete (owing to the fact that the weather has been pretty unpredictable recently), and having done so we decided to share our images captured at these iconic landmarks.

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Yayoi Kusama – A National Gallery Feature

Hey everyone!

We decided to share this special mid-week entry (which we acknowledge has been coming for some time from our last entry – we do apologise for being busy!) as this special gallery feature is ending in a few days time. The special Gallery Feature by Yayoi Kusama at the National Gallery has been going on since early June, and is set to wrap up on 3rd September 2017. We decided to share our experiences visiting the gallery, learning and appreciating art through the eyes of Yayoi Kusama!

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Future World Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum

Hey everyone!

We have been looking forward to visiting the ArtScience Museum by the Marina Bay Sands since we heard about Future World exhibition. A visual and auditory exhibition, it involves the use of technology and human input to immerse the visitors. We were especially keen of a particular installation featuring 170,000 LED lights (as seen later), so look out for that! We also visited other concurrent exhibitions, but we will write about them very soon (in a separate entry).

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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Hey everyone!

This week we visit a ‘hidden-gem’ of a museum in Singapore, located in the heart of the National University of Singapore! The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum hosts a collection of preserved animal and plants species, but its most spectacular exhibits are the three ancient sauropod skeletons, which hover over the visitors in the in the main hall.


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Exhibitions @ the Asian Civilisation Museum

Hey everyone!

This week, we found out that the Asian Civilisation Museum was opening its doors for free this past weekend (3-4 September), so with a piqued interest about the exhibitions being held there, we decided to check it out, along with our camera companions!

The neoclassical building which houses the Asian Civilisation Museum was built in 1867; as it was situated beside the Singapore River, ti was previously used as government offices.

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Changi Chapel & Museum

Hey everyone!

Today on the 14th day of August in the year 1945, marks an important date of the end of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. This week we have been exploring a little-known museum in the far-flung corner of Singapore, but which houses significant memories and tales of a time that many Singaporeans have not lived through: the Japanese occupation during World War II (WWII).

The Changi Chapel & Museum is a museum that depicts the historic knowledge about WWII in Singapore, the Japanese occupation, tales of livelihood and death, and the prisoners-of-wars’ (POWs) internment in Changi Gaol (malay for ‘prison’). In the museum rests a replica chapel, a symbolic structure representing all the wartime chapels built during WWII by the POWs.

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“Treasures of the World” at the National Museum

Hey there!

So we discovered that the British Museum in London was showcasing some of the oldest exhibits and artefacts from all over the world (hence, the titular name “Treasures of the World”) at the oldest museum in Singapore, the National Museum (how apt)!

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