Future World Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum

Hey everyone!

We have been looking forward to visiting the ArtScience Museum by the Marina Bay Sands since we heard about Future World exhibition. A visual and auditory exhibition, it involves the use of technology and human input to immerse the visitors. We were especially keen of a particular installation featuring 170,000 LED lights (as seen later), so look out for that! We also visited other concurrent exhibitions, but we will write about them very soon (in a separate entry).

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Starting #PolaroidWeek at Arab Street

Polaroid Week starts tomorrow from 18th April 2016 till next Sunday 24th April 2016; and of course, we are very excited!

To commemorate this week, we decided to showcase some of our Polaroids we have taken with our Sonar SX-70. For those of you who have been following our Instagram you would have already seen some of these photos!

This entry aims to provide a nice & clear preview (unless of course you are reading our website from your phone) of our Polaroids, as well as to elaborate on our adventures along the small alley lanes of Arab Street. 🙂

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