Starting #PolaroidWeek at Arab Street

Polaroid Week starts tomorrow from 18th April 2016 till next Sunday 24th April 2016; and of course, we are very excited!

To commemorate this week, we decided to showcase some of our Polaroids we have taken with our Sonar SX-70. For those of you who have been following our Instagram you would have already seen some of these photos!

This entry aims to provide a nice & clear preview (unless of course you are reading our website from your phone) of our Polaroids, as well as to elaborate on our adventures along the small alley lanes of Arab Street. 🙂

Image (8) (2) haji lane
The top half of the frame was overexposured, but this resulted in a unique half-frame of Sandra and her cool lookin’ glasses!

Image (7) (2) haji lane
Useful to have ‘selfie sunglasses’ to showcase how good looking… the camera is! (eh heh)

Image (5) (2) haji lane
Damian posing along the alleyways; notably the dark surroundings is due to the SX-70 (in)sensitivity to light.

Image (6) (2) haji lane
Damian opting to wear glasses for a change to look ‘cool’ in front of some graffiti-fences!

We used Impossible Project’s Second Factory Film SX-70 Colour Round Frames! These films did not pass the QC for Impossible Project, and may be subject to defects like light leaks (see first photo) or improper chemical mixing (see last photo). This adds a touch of surprise and uncertainty, which contributed to the fun of taking Polaroids and acting like a tourist in our own country!

As a bonus, we decided to upload more Polaroids taken during our random walks around a park!

Image (7)
We thought it cute that the leaf was shaped like a heart!
Image (9) (2) cloverImage (10) (2)

Image (8) (2)
Captured an ixora plant; it is said you can actually pluck it off and taste its nectar!

Image (7) (2)
In clear daylight, the SX-70 works a charm, and the Polaroid captures the building clearly!

Image (23) (2) - ebi
We love taking photos (and Polaroids) with our plushies, ebi and tonkatsu! They provide great subjects for creative settings and backgrounds, like perching on top of Sandra’s hand here!

Image (24) (2)
Ebi in the woods?! (it’s actually a pile of twigs hehe)

We hope you enjoy a snippet of our Polaroid adventures; we will definitely be shooting our Sonar SX-70 a lot more frequently this week! Check out our photos on our Instagram and also over on Impossible Project Gallery.

This week’s entry is a bit short because we both are quite busy with our school/work respectively! But rest assured, we will come back with more adventures to share with you!

Till next time,



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