End of #PolaroidWeek

Alas, we have reached the end of #PolaroidWeek.

In this entry, we decided to showcase some of our favourite Polaroids taken this week!

As we are focusing on using our Polaroid Sonar SX-70 this week, we have tried a variety of resources and techniques. For starters, we experimented with black & white and 600 film from Impossible Project (although the latter film requires a Neutral Density Filter as it is more sensitive to light for our poor old Sonar SX-70); tried some long exposures; tried some filters, as well as utilising the MiNT Lens Kit! Just to name a few 🙂

Image (18)aImage (19)aImage (21)bImage (22)cImage (23)eImage (23)iImage (24)aImage (25)aImage (25)cImage (26)dImage (27)aImage (27)bImage (27)c

One thing we noticed about the Impossible Project Film (both 600 and SX-70 films) is the ability to handle harsh sunlight! For Fujifilm Instax, when one shoots against the sunbeam, a black dot would appear on the fuji instax film instead of the sun. The Impossible Project film exposes vibrant colours, giving off a “soft” vibe in our exposed Polaroids!

We also noticed how durable and sturdy the good old Sonar SX-70 is! For such an old camera, the mechanics, albeit slower, is AMAZING. We are thoroughly impressed with the camera and how capable it is!

Till next time,



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