Hiking at Lower & Upper Peirce!

Hey everyone!

This week, we cover our hike through the heart of Singapore (literally), at two scenic reservoirs, namely the Upper Peirce and Lower Peirce Reservoir. These neighbouring reservoirs serve as water catchment areas, and form part of the network of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Further, the flora and fauna surrounding the reservoirs provide a natural setting for visitors and hikers alike! We had the benefit and guidance of Sandra’s close friend, Sarah, to lead us in this naturalistic adventure around some of Singapore’s oldest reservoirs!

Upper Peirce Reservoir

Image (14) - upper peirce (tree branch spoilt)
Multiple Exposure: This unexpected double-exposure instax was taken while Damian was passenger, with Sandra driving to Upper Peirce Reservoir! Seems like we were driving through the forest…

The Upper Peirce Reservoir is accessible by car (or walking, if you’re keen to trek a far bit). The reservoir is a water catchment area, and situated near a dam where water flow to the Lower Peirce Reservoir is controlled. When we arrived, it was midday, so the sun was toasting our skins as we walked around the park. We got near to the bank of the reservoir too and enjoyed the serene environment, with almost no human around (other than us).

The park!


Beautiful fir trees lined the bank…
Sarah got really curious about this fruit, which is commonly spotted in Singapore… but it proved tough to crack!
The ladies caught unaware!


Sarah introduced to us this unbeaten path… wonder where does this lead to?
A different perspective of the dam that separates the Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoir!
Just one of the many photos that we took of the flowers in full bloom! (But there was too many so we could not upload ALL of them…)
Sandra and Sarah at the bank of the Lower Peirce Reservoir! Indeed, few people ever reach this part of the reservoir (as they are more likely to frequent the common entrances further away, like at the HDB flats at the background, for example)!
Damianwithsandra amongst the tall, brooding trees!
It is not so often that we get to reach such a tranquil spot and admire nature for what she has to offer…


Lower Peirce Reservoir

The Lower Peirce Reservoir is Singapore’s second oldest reservoir, harking way back to 1910! The forest that lines the bank is termed as a ‘mature secondary forest’, referring to a forest that has been regrown following a major disturbance. We drove from Upper Peirce to Lower Peirce Reservoir, and chose to take a long walk to our lunch spot!

There are fishing spots lined along the bank, and it was heartening to see youths roaming around, engaging in outdoor activities (as opposed to being cooped in front of the computer at home)!

We walked along the man-made wooden boardwalk that stretched along the reservoir and through the forest (you can see the map here). We spotted all sorts of animals, from reptiles such as the famed monitor lizard, to other animals such as monkeys, chickens and squirrels!


The pier at the Lower Peirce Reservoir! Many youths were seen running around, and having fun.


We spotted people fishing and angling of all ages; it was heartening to see Singaporeans enjoy the great outdoors!


We decided to explore the forest surrounding the reservoir through the Lower Peirce Trail; the man-made boardwalk provided the path toward our lunch (we were starving by then)!


Someone’s clearly enjoying her walk…!


One of the many species of animals and reptiles spotted, the Green Crested Lizard was difficult to spot but it stood out amongst the brown foliage!
We also spotted the resident Monitor Lizard, who clearly was feeling the Singapore heat…
This unique tree with twirly branches stood out amongst the straight, tall tree trunks!
Which way to go…?
We really took our time, strolling through the forest and attempting to spot different species darting around us!


Sarah being particularly adventurous (with Damian following soon after)!


And of course… MONKEYS! The long-tailed macaque is a common sight in Singapore, notable for its (you guessed it) long tail, and can be seen ravaging for food, so do watch out!
photo_2016-05-01_21-13-39 - Copy
The boardwalk also has seats for weary hikers, but don’t sit too long, because you might not know what might creep behind you…! (eh heh)
photo_2016-05-01_21-13-55 - Copy
Finally, our lunch! The Singapore-famous Casuarina Curry Restaurant has some of the best Indian cuisine, most notably PRATA!
photo_2016-05-01_21-14-03 - Copy
Mmmm… (nom nom nom nom)
photo_2016-05-01_21-14-11 - Copy
On our walk back, these macaques were lining up along the rails, ominously eyeing us as we trotted past them… as we said above, BEWARE!

Lastly, three happy (but tired) folks at the end of the trek (taken with Sandra’s phone)!

The Upper Peirce Reservoir Park (which is located alongside the reservoir) is opened from 7am to 7pm daily, but the Lower Peirce Reservoir is opened around the clock! People do flock to the pier at the Lower Peirce Reservoir during sunset to capture Instagram-worthy photos, such as:

Photo credits: Sarah (wow!!!)

We will definitely go back to enjoy nature and what the world has to offer. We can’t wait!

Till next time,



One thought on “Hiking at Lower & Upper Peirce!

  1. Wow looks great! Great pictures!
    They say it’s not just the destination, but the journey too on Old Thomson Road, the site of the former Singapore GP


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