Makan Hunt @ Super Star K (Korean Food!!)

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but this week we’re introducing another Makan Hunt (check out our first one here, featuring dim sum).

One of our favourite cuisine (but mostly Sandra’s) hails from the wonderful country of Korea! Korean food is well-known and a quasi-staple in Singapore, with various dishes making their way into the diet of Singaporeans- thinking of bibimbap, kimchi, Korean BBQ, ginseng chicken soup or bulgogi?

Our recommendation is a small but established chain of Korean restaurants, Super Star K! While famed for their tantalising Korean BBQ, we sampled their lunch menu, which contains the smattering selection of saba, pork, beef, chicken, kimchi soup and much more! Together with our friend Kit Yeng, follow us on this short but delicious gastronomic adventure!


The interior of the restaurant! The servers were friendly (and posed for a picture when I was seen taking on)!
A nice cold cup of  hyeonmicha (brown rice tea) on a hot sunny day!
The lunch menu will make you spoilt for chocies!
Intuitively designed, with the large smoke ventilators to remove the smoke while one BBQs!
The spread of side-dishes is just appetising, consisting from beansprouts, kimchi, beancurd, seaweed and mashed potato (which was the best)!
The stir-fried beef was chewy and tender, and is easily our favourite dish!
Another main course: spicy stir-fried pork, which was so sinful!
Our final main course, kimchi tofu soup, which has the right spicy ‘kick’ and is generous with the ingredients of kimchi, vermicelli and tofu!
Three eager and hungry patrons!

The food is so worth it, with prices between $9 to $13 for lunch sets (w/o GST). We highly recommend their lunch menus, and we would be keen to try the Korean BBQ set as well in the near future! Super Star K Restaurant is located at 75 Tanjong Pagar Road, a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT!

Till next time,





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