Commemorating Singapore with the Jubilee Walk

Hey everyone!

If you are a tourist or a local who wish to explore the sights and sounds which make Singapore Singapore (and you also wish to engage in quite  a lot of walking!) then we would highly recommend the Jubilee Walk! The government-initiated trail consists of over 20 landmarks, spanning 8 kilometres in the heart of downtown Singapore. It took over 3 days for us to complete (owing to the fact that the weather has been pretty unpredictable recently), and having done so we decided to share our images captured at these iconic landmarks.

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Instant Photography: Marina Bay and Raffles Place

Hey everyone!

This week we are sharing a short but lighthearted entry using our favourite medium: instant film! Previously, we wrote an entry similar to this style, where we explored specific locations in Singapore and captured snapshots; read more about it here!

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