Instant Photography: Marina Bay and Raffles Place

Hey everyone!

This week we are sharing a short but lighthearted entry using our favourite medium: instant film! Previously, we wrote an entry similar to this style, where we explored specific locations in Singapore and captured snapshots; read more about it here!

The places that we explored, Marina Bay and Raffles Place, is where the heart of Singapore really is. Tall office buildings are heavy concentrated in a small area that can be crossed in 20-25 minutes (from one end to the other). Men and women in office suits can be seen bustling around the congested city centre. Yet, this claustrophic view gives way to a stunning riverside background where tourists flock and canter. Here are some of the shots that we captured as we passed along:

On Singapore’s iconic public bus!

Marina Bay:

In the background, Singapore’s famous Marina Bay Sands attracts visitors from local and abroad, especially since it hosts one of two legalised casinos in Singapore.
Pondering about something, Damian?
A cool double exposure of us; in the background, the colourful structure is where the National Day celebrations are held and televised, although this year was hosted at the new National Stadium!
Trees; hard to find in a congested and crowded urban office area, but there they are!

Raffles Place:


Old and new facades across the Singapore River; one can stop the Parliament House, the new Supreme Court and the newly renovated National Gallery!
A most interesting art exhibition right smack in the midst of the city centre.
We captured this close-up of the monkey bar rails near Sandra’s house, and the colourful overlay was unexpected!
We also played around with some B&W film, producing a double exposure of the much-maligned toll gantries (known as ERP gantries to locals).
It’s not often where one gets to capture juxtaposition like this, where the traditional spherical roofs contrasts with the flat rooftops of public housing estates in the distance.
Catching the evening sunset as we headed back after a long day. We certainly didn’t need any filter effects!

We have been really busy these past few weeks, till the point that we have not posted anything last week! We definitely do not want to lose touch with our readers, hence this post to cover some of our journeys in around Singapore. We hope to bring more content every week, so keep looking out in this space!

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