Yayoi Kusama – A National Gallery Feature

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We decided to share this special mid-week entry (which we acknowledge has been coming for some time from our last entry – we do apologise for being busy!) as this special gallery feature is ending in a few days time. The special Gallery Feature by Yayoi Kusama at the National Gallery has been going on since early June, and is set to wrap up on 3rd September 2017. We decided to share our experiences visiting the gallery, learning and appreciating art through the eyes of Yayoi Kusama!

Yayoi Kusama is internationally renowned for her modern approach to art, and through her exhibits one can see how she observes the world, and her circumstances that personally affect her. On some general level, we also feel that photography is our outlet for expressing how we see our world that we live in, and so we empathise with her approach!

A brief description of the exhibition at National Gallery!
Yayoi’s version of the Venus de Milo, patterned and scaled with yellow fragments. Yayoi Kusama’s obsession with patterns and dots started from young, and has permeated her exhibits and artworks.
Sandra peering through an art exhibit featuring a covered box with mirrors and the trademark polka-dotted structures…
Image (86)a
… as captured on the modified Instax mini 8! Pumpkins are yet another distinct feature of Yayoi Kusama’s artwork.
Image (86)b
These large globular structures with polka-dots greeted us at the entrance of the National Gallery!
In the next exhibition, a series of walls and fittings had concave mirrors fitted all over, giving us a funky glimpse of reality.

Image (86)e

Image (86)c
Featuring Damianwithsandra and Kit Yeng!
We wondered what was in this strange box-like room…


Image (86)h
Only to find out that it was the infinity room! Mirrors laid across the walls and ceilings, and with only some light globes dangling, the reflections created the infinite feeling.


A smattering of unfocused light globes.


Image (86)f
Yet another similar exhibition, this time with multiple viewing holes…
… which allowed Damian to capture Sandra in her photography process!

IMG_7859Image (86)iImage (86)gIMG_7869

Image (86)j
Can you spot the trio…?
Behind the scenes…
Image (86)d
… featuring Kit Yeng!


In Singapore, museum exhibitions are just one of many activities we partake in on an occasional basis, to wind down from a busy week (or month), and although it was pretty crowded at the National Gallery, we came out better for the experience!

We also would like to extend our gratitude to our readers who follow on a regular basis; we acknowledge the slow updates in the past few weeks, and we hope to put out more content on our website! In the meantime, do follow us on Instagram (@damianwithsandra) for more recent updates!

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