Seeing Double (Exposures) with the Impossible I-1 Analogue Instant Camera

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We last featured the Impossible I-1 camera during our trip to Little India when Deepavali was being celebrated! Since then, we have come to appreciate a nifty function of the I-1 camera which many Polaroid cameras do not have: a double exposure function! Indeed, we were also keen to explore the potential of the I-1 camera further, and so we took it out one day to try out some of our favourite double exposures with the Impossible White Round Frame monochrome film (Gen 2.0) (we used a pack which was expired). We wish to highlight that the I-1 camera can be manually controlled using the I-1 mobile application (“App”), and that has to be used to take double exposure instant films.

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Holga 120 GCFN: A Camera for All Seasons

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Some keen-eyed readers may have noticed that despite featuring many cameras so far, the Holga camera has never been featured in our website. To be honest, we did not own one (till now); we acknowledge that the Holga is a timeless classic camera which helped revitalise the interest of street/film photography in Asia (and beyond) since the early 1980s.

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Exploring Macritchie Nature Trail

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It’s been a while since our last hiking expedition, so this week we took some time out of our busy schedules to explore a well-known nature trail in the heart of Singapore! The MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a popular place for Singaporeans to engage in healthy lifestyles, such as jogging along the reservoir, kayaking or hiking on the many nature trails surrounding the MacRitchie Reservoir!

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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Singpore!

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Last year, our very first entry on Damianwithsandra was documenting a trip down to Chinatown (with our friend Sarah) to take some photos of the lighting structures put up during the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Mooncake Festival). This year, we decided to share a little bit more on what we do during this festive season!

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Fiery Night of Fireworks @ NDP

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We round off our related series on celebrating Singapore’s National Day, with the most anticipated event of the day (actually, night); fireworks!

Fireworks are a rarity in Singapore due to its stringent regulation by the government. The two occasions that fireworks are witnessed in Singapore include National Day and New Year’s Eve, while smaller-scale fireworks are witnessed during Chinese New Year and at Sentosa (in conjunction with a themed light show).

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Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

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Singapore may be a relatively young state (compared to many Western countries), but like any independent, sovereign country (except for England!), we too celebrate our independence! Every year on 9th August, Singapore celebrates on National Day with a large-scale parade (National Day Parade, or NDP). The parade is full of lively and engaging spectacles, from marching troops to elaborate stage performances, to the most anticipated event, the fireworks! Read on to enjoy the exclusive sneak peak of this year’s NDP!

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Labrador Nature Reserve 

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For those long-time readers who’s been with us since our beginning, you might remember a certain entry about our trip along the Southern Ridges:

We looked… just about the same eh heh

Well, we made good on our promise to continue the trail (albeit not along the Southern Ridges per se) and headed to Labrador Nature Reserve to complete our adventure at the southernmost point of Singapore! The southern tip of Singapore is mostly known as home to shipping ports, Vivocity and Sentosa, but Labrador Nature Reserve boasts a rich heritage dating back to our founding days!

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