Holga 120 GCFN: A Camera for All Seasons

Hey everyone!

Some keen-eyed readers may have noticed that despite featuring many cameras so far, the Holga camera has never been featured in our website. To be honest, we did not own one (till now); we acknowledge that the Holga is a timeless classic camera which helped revitalise the interest of street/film photography in Asia (and beyond) since the early 1980s.

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Holga (Lens) Madness!

Many of our close friends know that we have a keen interest in film cameras! Our initial knowledge and exposure (pun intended eh heh) of film cameras was the Holga Camera (notwithstanding those disposable film cameras we grew up using). While researching online about the different types of Holga cameras, we stumbled upon a variety of Holga accessories, including Holga lenses for DSLRs cameras and iPhones, phone apps mimicking Holga effects, Holga lenses for Fuji Instax cameras, DIGITAL Holga cameras and even “Holgaroids” (Instant Film backing with Holga cameras).

Clearly, we were spoilt for choice!

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Hanging out at Haw Par Villa

Continuing on the blazing trail of our Chinese heritage, we visit a unique, otherworldly landmark known as the Haw Par Villa (aka Tiger Balm Gardens). The Haw Par Villa was opened by the Aw Brothers, whose family created the Tiger Balm ointment (used to cure headaches, muscle aches etc). It is internationally reputed, such that even UK pharmaceutical shops like Boots stock them! Fun Fact: Damian loves to use Tiger Balm (but we’re not sponsored in any way HAHA).

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