Flying High Along MacRitchie TreeTop Walk!

Hey everyone!

This week, we set off on yet another trail-seeking adventure, this time around MacRitchie! The trails around MacRitchie are very popular, and having gone on a public holiday, we were not surprised at the throngs of people ambling along the man-made paths. Nevertheless, we intended to visit the famous MacRitchie TreeTop Walk, which required us to walk over 7 km! Prepared (with our usual mosquito repellent and bottles of water), we headed for the unique walking trail!

Starting the Trail

We started at the nearby carpark (you can check out the map to follow our journey: the trail we took is coloured orange), noticing the presence of a significant number of people enjoying the public holiday. We knew there would be loads of forestry and plants to capture, so we brought along our trusty Fujifilm X-T10 and the SLR 680 SE! We also had to pay particular attention to the timing, as the TreeTop Walk (which consists of a suspension bridge) was only open till 5pm (every day).

Capturing varied colours (such as passers-by in different coloured clothing) can help enhance pictures of the scenery!
The area near the entrance of the MacRitchie trail was revamped with different flowers and fauna, such as orchids!
This plant had HUGE leaves, which spanned as long as the trail signage (to the left)!
One of many roughed-up trails, which provided some difficulty for us novice trail-ers (eh heh pun intended).
DSCF5467 (2)
One of many directional signages for us to take note of our location and direction!
Certainly it was odd to see the Impossible I-1 in a jungle, but it sure had its uses and allowed us to capture other forms of images!
Trekkers stopping for a quick rest; the trail was really crowded!
Some times you can find really odd things hanging from a tree…




The macaque was ‘monkeying’ around, refreshing itself with water from an open bottle!
We also spotted monitor lizards, another common find along the trails!

Reaching the TreeTop Walk

We were quite excited, never having been here before!
The freestanding suspension bridge stretches over 250m, and it felt like a very long walk!



MacRitchie Reservoir from high atop the forest!



With such a view, Damian could not resist fishing out the Impossible I-1!
Just one of the many splendid sights we captured!

As usual, we present our ‘alternative’ images, taken with the Impossible Project I-1! On a side note, we noticed that the “Gen-2” Impossible Project film look somewhat better than the recent “Gen-3” version in terms of colour composition and development (even if the latter is faster in development). If you have any comments/observations on the differences, do leave a comment here!

Image (24)b
Not open to cars… but to trekkers???
Image (24)c
Hi there!
Image (24)d
“No through road”… so we had to go around it!
Image (24)g
In automatic mode, the I-1 does not capture dark subjects that well, so we recommend using the manual mode, available on the I-1 phone app!
Image (25)a
Switching to round frame films, we figured composition would be more fun and creative!

Image (25)c

Image (27)c

Image (25)d

Image (25)b

Image (27)d

As always, we enjoyed our trekking adventure on the MacRitchie trails, and visiting the TreeTop Walk was a very fulfilling experience! Trekking and taking photography combines two of our favourite activities, and we know that Singapore’s nature reserves offer more secrets for us to discover.

Leave a comment if you have any such ‘secret’ locations where we can take photography and immerse in creativity and fun!

Till next time,



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