Holidaying in Hokkaido – Winter Edition!

Hey everyone!

During the holiday season, Sandra visited the northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido! The second-largest island in Japan is basically a snow paradise in winter, and as a Singaporean who do not see any four seasons, she was excited to be able to see and touch snow!

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Seeing Double (Exposures) with the Impossible I-1 Analogue Instant Camera

Hey everyone!

We last featured the Impossible I-1 camera during our trip to Little India when Deepavali was being celebrated! Since then, we have come to appreciate a nifty function of the I-1 camera which many Polaroid cameras do not have: a double exposure function! Indeed, we were also keen to explore the potential of the I-1 camera further, and so we took it out one day to try out some of our favourite double exposures with the Impossible White Round Frame monochrome film (Gen 2.0) (we used a pack which was expired). We wish to highlight that the I-1 camera can be manually controlled using the I-1 mobile application (“App”), and that has to be used to take double exposure instant films.

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Testing the new Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome Film!

Hey everyone!

In September 2016, Fujifilm announced the release of their latest instax mini film product: the Fujifilm instax mini Monochrome film (“Monochrome film”)!

As there are many reviews floating around about this new product, we thought that we would get the film and write about our first impressions about using this film. Further, we have noted how different cameras and developers affect how the chemical spread and the ‘colour’ shown on the film. We should also mention that this entry is not a review; rather, it is an exposition of our snapshots and results!

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