More Flowers and Dye-Nosaurs @ Gardens by the Bay

Hey everyone!

Continuing from our coverage of the Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay, we promised we would introduce other events taking place at the well-known Gardens! One such event catering for children was the “Dye-Nosaur Gardens”, which brought to ‘life’ different dinosaurs living in the prehistoric times! We also included our Instax photos taken at the location, so be prepared to be inundated with flowers and dinosaurs!

Dye-Nosaur Gardens

Playful animal statues lined the exit of the Flower Dome; obviously they’re not allowed in there!
A nice, cooling sunset awaited us after our long foray in the Flower Dome!
Typical Singaporean habits: sitting around!
ROAR! It’s an ankylosaurus, notable for its thick skin with protruding spikes!
The iconic Skyway, which stretches over 20 metres above ground and would provide the scenic option for visitors!
Beware of dinosaurs!


The King of the Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex! This fella needs no introduction, being highly-featured in movies such as Jurassic Park!
A much familar Triceratops, meaning “three-horned face”.
The herbivorous Stegosaurus!
Rides were available for kids to enjoy too!

Image (13)h

Of course, as promised, here are our Instax photos of the flora in the Flower Dome:

Image (12)a

Image (12)c
Taking advantage of the Golden Hour, capturing these bronze statutes!
Image (12)d
Pooh Bear!
Image (12)f
The deep magenta rose was a stark contrast to the myriad of colourful flowers on display!

Image (12)h

Image (12)i
Damian with the Fujifilm X-T10!

Image (13)c

Image (13)e
Sakura; otherwise known as Cherry Blossoms

Image (13)f

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent entries thus far! We are always open to suggestions, and if you want us to cover a location which we have not done so, do let us know!

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