#PolaroidWeek 2017!

Hey everyone!

By the time you are reading this, Spring Polaroid Week 2017 would have (unfortunately) ended! It was going on from 16th April and ends on Friday, 21st April.

To commemorate this week, we decided to showcase some of our Polaroids we have taken with our Polaroid SX-70 Model 2, beautifully refurbished by Matt from 2nd Shot SX-70 Service. As usual, for those of you who have been following our Instagram you would have already seen some of these Polaroids!

This entry aims to provide a nice & clear preview (unless of course you are reading our website from your phone) of our Polaroids, as well as to get a rare glimpse as to what we do in our daily life. 🙂

The rules of Polaroid Week is simple, 2 uploads per day on Flickr. Although we have free autonomy to upload how many Polaroids we like, we thought to stick to the classic 2 Polaroids per day rule to show case our photos!

Day 1

Image (17)h
Our friends Sarah and Tim, who recently had a baby! Many congratulations to them!
Image (18)b
Just one of those days, in the automated world of Singapore.

Day 2

Image (18)c
Capturing in the bright sunny day required us to reduce exposure, but we also noted the colour streaks around the borders of the Impossible Project 600 Gen 3 film.
Just another housing apartment in Singapore.

Day 3

Image (18)a
A bright sunny day, which meant the same streaks appeared again. Nevertheless, we were impressed with the colours, in contrast to the Gen 2 film.
Image (19)a
Long exposure at night, capturing moving cars! You might be wondering why the lights were giving off symmetrical light flares; we used a clear plastic filter (with patterns) for this effect!

Day 4

Moving cars…? Actually we used a filter whereby half was made to look blurry, as if the cars were moving!
5 Sandras?!? Not really, yet another mirror filter!

Day 5

This filter is a beauty; the edges of the filter are blurred, so that the central subject appears to be in focus!
Image (19)b
Using the patterned filter, we caught this starkly simple street lamp, emanating symmetrical light beams to produce a pleasing image.

Day 6

Can you see Sandra? A trick using a make-up mirror; unfortunately it was quite gloomy, hence the low lighting.
Image (20)a
We thought: what if we used the out-of-focus effect and the patterned filter together? Well, this happened! You can see the bokeh giving off the patterns as well!

Day 7

Image (20)b
Taken at the Singapore War Memorial, a reminder of Singapore’s involvement in WWII, we looked up and saw hope.
Image (20)d
Last but not least, I think we both have found a new and fun way to capture portraits (although we admit we should have used a tripod for this!

Surprise bonus!!

Image (20)c

We have been admittedly very busy with our own daily lives (although our Instagram activity might suggest otherwise), with Damian having his university exams and Sandra working; nevertheless, we did not want to disappoint our readers by being inactive for too long! The good news is that the busy period of our lives are going to be ending soon, and we look forward to showing our readers our snapshots and photos! 🙂

Till next time,


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