Test Shots: Mamiya Universal Press with Various Mamiya-Sekor Lens (Instax Wide Format)

Hey everyone!

This week we decided to share some of our shots taken with our Mamiya Universal Press (“MUP”)! This amazing medium-format rangefinder camera (with interchangeable lens and film backs) have been mentioned numerous times in our previous entries visiting the iconic Rochor Centre, reviewing the original MUP when we first got it, and at the National Day Parade 2017 (Rehearsal)! This time, we decided to dedicate a post to our test shots, using a modified electronic Instax Wide back!

Disclaimer: This entry is not about reviewing the modified electronic instax wide back!

The purpose of this entry is to understand the field of exposure for each lenses. Although the rangefinder is useful (for focusing and composing), some of these lenses need an additional view finder for composing. With that, the aim of this entry is to provide a guide for the use of Mamiya-Sekor lens with the MUP; i.e. how wide is wide? And how ‘tele’ is ‘tele’?

Our complete lens collection!

To do this, we use a Fujifilm Instax Wide back to test the exposure. Our modified electronic instax wide back has a dark slide; thus, we were able to switch lenses and shot everything with the same back. This feature is definitely very useful!

The the setting for all exposure was set at f/8, 1/500, ISO 800, and distance set at infinity (for ease of comparison).

Without further ado, here’s starting with the widest lens!

50mm f/6.3

Mamiya-Sekor 50mm f6.3

Image (17)a

65mm f/6.3

Mamiya-Sekor 65mm f6.3

Image (17)b

75mm f/5.6

Mamiya-Sekor 75mm f5.6

Image (17)d

90mm f/3.5

Mamiya-Sekor 90mm f3.5

Image (17)c

100mm f/2.8

Mamiya-Sekor 100mm f2.8

Image (17)e

127mm f/4.7

Mamiya-Sekor 127mm f4.7

Image (17)f

150mm f/5.6

Mamiya-Sekor 150mm f5.6

Image (18)a

250mm, f/5

Mamiya-Sekor 250mm f5

Image (18)b

Here’s a birds’ eye view of all our Mamiya-Sekor lenses, coupled with its respective Instax Wide shots!

Concluding Thoughts

What we love about these Mamiya-Sekor lenses is the level of contrast and sharpness that each image produces! Although this set up is relatively bulky, it is very useful when using this set-up for events! Coupled with the back and dark slide, this gives us flexibility in using interchangeable lenses, allowing us to use each lens for different occasion and perspective!

Our favourite lens? It would have to be the Mamiya-Sekor 100mm f/2.8! Not only is the lens calibrated to the MUP body rangefinder, the aperture of f/2.8 is the biggest amongst the other lenses, and as such, brilliant for shooting at low light conditions (without flash)!

With this, we leave with one of our favourite shots taken with this MUP set up!

Image (14)a.jpg

As always, do check out our Instagram page for more pictures and regular updates!

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2 thoughts on “Test Shots: Mamiya Universal Press with Various Mamiya-Sekor Lens (Instax Wide Format)

  1. Thanks for this post, it’s super helpful. Will you please explain how you modified an electronic instax wide back for the Mamiya Universal Press? I’d like to do the same!


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