Reviewing Instax Mini Printers!

Hey everyone!

Today, we are going to talk about a topic you might be surprised about: instant film printers!

Although we love our instant film cameras (whether mass-produced or specially modified), instant film printers are actually useful! It can be used to print out memories not captured on instant film, and not only that, you can print as many copies as you want, which is great for giving gifts! Furthermore, some instant film printers double up as functioning cameras, meaning they are able to capture and shoot film instantly! Quite often, these devices will also allow the photo to be edited (e.g. by adding filters, funky borders and stickers). 

We wish to highlight out that we are not sponsored by Fujifilm or any of these brands whose products we are reviewing today. 

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Test Shots: Mamiya Universal Press with Various Mamiya-Sekor Lens (Instax Wide Format)

Hey everyone!

This week we decided to share some of our shots taken with our Mamiya Universal Press (“MUP”)! This amazing medium-format rangefinder camera (with interchangeable lens and film backs) have been mentioned numerous times in our previous entries visiting the iconic Rochor Centre, reviewing the original MUP when we first got it, and at the National Day Parade 2017 (Rehearsal)! This time, we decided to dedicate a post to our test shots, using a modified electronic Instax Wide back!

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Instant Photography Projects – DIY Christmas Cards

Hey everyone!

Christmas is really just around the corner! At this time, we’re sure that most of you would be finding Christmas gifts and making (or buying…) Christmas cards. This entry is dedicated to some Christmas cards ideas we have utilised this year, naturally using instant films, such as the Instax mini and the Impossible Project film.

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