Instant Photography Projects – DIY Christmas Cards

Hey everyone!

Christmas is really just around the corner! At this time, we’re sure that most of you would be finding Christmas gifts and making (or buying…) Christmas cards. This entry is dedicated to some Christmas cards ideas we have utilised this year, naturally using instant films, such as the Instax mini and the Impossible Project film.

Christmas Tree Bokeh Cards

Tools required:

  1. Instant Camera (or an Instax printer if you decide to use digital images)
  2. Bokeh filter shapes kit (if you intend to take bokeh shots!)
  3. Colour paper (for cards)
  4. Colour pens/markers for decoration

Step 1: Take those Pictures!

Various bokeh shots of a Christmas tree using different bokeh filters!

We used our Mamiya C33 Instant Back with the 105mm lens as the bokeh filter fits perfectly over the lens! The focusing wheel allowed us to adjust the size of the bokeh required for the different shapes. Naturally, a tripod and a shutter release cable is required to avoid inadvertent shakiness for long-exposure shots (check out our previous entry on night photography for more tips!)

The bokeh filter is designed to work for lens with large apertures, so this would work with digital cameras and perhaps the instant cameras (we have yet to try on the latter). Of particular note for twin-lens reflex cameras, is that the bokeh filter should cover the ‘taking lens’ i.e. the lens which captures the image, and not the lens that produces the image for the viewfinder:

Musical notes! We intentionally put the bokeh filter over the lens for the viewfinder, to get a rough idea of how the photo would eventually turn out.
Sandra attempting to capture some detailed, close-up shots of the Christmas tree.

Step 2: Make those Cards!

We won’t be detailing how our cards were made, since everyone is creative in their own ways! Instead, we are displaying our finished products (to which some of our readers/followers will receive!)

Here, we used coloured paper (roughly the size of regular postcards), stamps, markers, photo corner stickers and decorated our Christmas cards!


Christmas greetings from Singapore! Holla at us if you have received our postcards!

Emulsion Lift Christmas Postcards

Tools needed:

  1. Watercolour paper (postcard format)
  2. Impossible Project/Polaroid film
  3. Emulsion lift kit (click here to find out how to create an emulsion lift)
  4. Stamps (we recommend Stanzon stamp set as the ink is permanent) or permanent markers for drawings.
Here are some examples!

We have not yet covered our methods of emulsion lifts using Impossible Project/Polaroid films, and we hope to do so in the near future! As you can see, we intentionally use films whereby the images did not turn out according to our expectations, and turned them into cards that can be given to others.

Through this entry, we hope to inspire our readers who are seeking to do more with their instant photos. We ourselves have been looking at ways to enhance our creativity, and this is one outlet to do so! If you have ideas on how to use one’s instant photos creatively, drop us a comment!

Till next time,






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