Labrador Park with the RB67 Pro SD x Modified Instax Square Back

Hey everyone!

So we managed to get away from our work during the busy weekdays to go shoot some photos at Labrador Park! Located at the southern point of Singapore, the park also links to an unused jetty where locals fish during the weekend. We decided to try out the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD with a modified Instax Square back! We also brought out our trusty Fujifilm X-Pro2 adapted with a Jupiter-3 50mm lens to capture the medium format camera at work.

Our gear of choice! Fujifilm Xpro2 for our digital photos, and Mamiya RB67 Pro SD for the Instant Film shots.

The Mamiya RB67 Pro SD has always been on our wishlist, and our friend was kind enough to lend it to us to try it out! Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed with the clarity of the viewfinder and the quality of the lenses available (we had the Mamiya-Sekor f/4.5 65mm lens to try out). Obviously, the biggest drawback (if any!) was the sheer size and weight, which did weigh on our necks and shoulders after a while.

The front view of the Mamiya RB67, with a prism viewfinder.
The prism viewfinder comes with a light meter and helps the user focus on the subject better.
The Mamiya RB67 is bound to be a head-turner when used outside!
At the jetty, locals were seen strolling casually or jogging along the narrow bridge.
Across the shore lies many of Singapore’s maritime businesses.
It was helpful to have the bridge rail as a support for the Mamiya RB67!

The time-worn concrete support structures have become a habitat for many seashells as seen along the sea level.

Damian, don’t eat that film!

We were just as impressed with the photos that the Mamiya RB67 captured on the Instax Square film. In particular, the photos had strong contrast effects so it may not be very receptive to those who prefer more vibrant colours.

One of many barrages at Keppel Bay.

It was a bit of a challenge taking double exposures, as we had to point the Mamiya RB67 upwards; that certainly made for hard work!

It was heartwarming to see the whole family go out on a Saturday to try their hand at fishing.

One of the surprising aspects of the Mamiya RB67 is the ability to take close-up shots! We were stunned by the details captured, such as the texture of the leaf and the intricate veins.

Another close-up shot, this time of a fallen tree trunk.
We decided to see how close we could go to focusing on Sandra’s eye!

Captured with our phone, we tried to match the picture with the leaf!
Contrary to the common belief of Singapore as an urbanised city, there are places of nature which have been preserved, to remind us of the importance of our natural environment.
Capturing our meal after a long day of taking photos and walking, we think the Mamiya RB67 has certainly outdone itself!
The depth of field is quite impressive for the Mamiya RB67, and it only fortified out the desire to get it!

We were very impressed by the Mamiya RB67, and we hope to lay our hands on our own camera in the near future! Having the modified Instax Square back certainly helps us to keep these medium format cameras in use despite our busy schedules. We certainly hope to be able to share more of our snapshots from the Mamiya RB67 soon!

Till next time,



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