Labrador Park with the RB67 Pro SD x Modified Instax Square Back

Hey everyone!

So we managed to get away from our work during the busy weekdays to go shoot some photos at Labrador Park! Located at the southern point of Singapore, the park also links to an unused jetty where locals fish during the weekend. We decided to try out the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD with a modified Instax Square back! We also brought out our trusty Fujifilm X-Pro2 adapted with a Jupiter-3 50mm lens to capture the medium format camera at work.

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Labrador Nature Reserve 

Hey everyone,

For those long-time readers who’s been with us since our beginning, you might remember a certain entry about our trip along the Southern Ridges:

We looked… just about the same eh heh

Well, we made good on our promise to continue the trail (albeit not along the Southern Ridges per se) and headed to Labrador Nature Reserve to complete our adventure at the southernmost point of Singapore! The southern tip of Singapore is mostly known as home to shipping ports, Vivocity and Sentosa, but Labrador Nature Reserve boasts a rich heritage dating back to our founding days!

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