Bokehlicious Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By the Bay

Hey everyone!

2018 is coming to an end, and this time of the year can only mean one thing: Christmas and New Year celebrations! Indeed, we revisited a familiar scene and sight to capture the festive spirit and mood: Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By the Bay!

The perennial attractions included the luminarie light sculptures, fun carnival games and rides, an ice-skating rink, an authentic ‘snowing’ experience and plenty of food options. With our brand new Fujifilm GFX 50R and Mamiya RB67 (with Instax Wide back), we explored Gardens by the Bay with a sense of purpose and cheerfulness.

The first major sight in the Gardens was the 7-storey tall luminarie sculpture, which also contained a mirror maze. It was one of the spectacular sights on display, and one of the highlights there.


Having just come from work, we quickly set our eyes on having some food to fill our stomachs. Street Food Circus was serving some mouth-watering dishes, and we bought the Lobster Croissant and Truffle Shoestring Fries.



There were surprisingly copious amounts of lobster meat, which was a pleasant surprise!
Can’t beat fries with cheese on ’em!

After our sumptuous meal, we walked around the Gardens, capturing various lighted exhibits and sculptures, basking in the festive atmosphere (and humidity). We spotted various outdoor Christmas-themed decorations and rides…

A large bouncy ‘castle’, but in the theme of a Gingerbread house!
There were other smaller rides for the young-at-heart, such as this carousel.
There were also bumper cars, but ironically not many people were ‘bumping about’ in the arena.
We also spotted a choir singing merry tunes of Christmas, and it was a sound to behold!
One of many decorated open spaces to enjoy dinner or to watch the iconic musical shows (featuring the Gardens’s Supertrees) at night.
A large blue Christmas tree set up in the middle of the ice-skating rink: what a sight to behold!


In an exhibit called “Santa’s Grotto”, we were treated to dazzling lighted Christmas-themed sculptures. We eagerly fired away and treated ourselves to ‘bokehlicious’ photos!

A candy cane for you?
A young boy sitting in a train.

This photo of a reindeer really exposes the quirks of the Fujifilm instax film. If the light source is too bright, it will be washed out in black, and thus the reindeer’s antlers appear to have black spots on it.
Naturally, there would be no such problem with the Fujifilm GFX 50R!
An experimental shot of Damian in the shadows…
… as well as Sandra!


Look at the delicious bokeh…!


At the end of the night, we were feeling the fatigue from a long day, but overall we were pleased with our captured photos.

The moon was full and bright.
The iconic Supertrees well-lit at night!
A romantic balloon representing a couple’s relationship!

This year has been a fun year for both of us, and although we have not been updating this website as often as we have in the past, we hope that our posts will continue to lighten up those who visit our website! We hope to continue seeing you in 2019, and with that, a Blessed New Year for the year 2019!

Till next time,



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