A Road Trip through Queensland (Part 2)

Hey everyone,

So back in May, we went on a road trip/holiday to Queensland, Australia! We were very excited at being able to leave Singapore (and our busy responsibilities) and catch a short but memorable break in the Land Down Under! The 8 days we spent there was simply unforgettable, with so many places and events to shoot and capture.

The second part of our adventures in Queensland continues here! You can recap by checking out the first part here.

Day 5 – Waterfalls and Long Rides

We woke up early to catch the sunrise from Wongaling Beach, but the overcast weather deprived us of the sunset we had seen at Four Mile Beach earlier in our trip. We eventually departed and made our way to the first stop, the Hinchinbrook Island lookout. The largest island in the Great Barrier reef, Hinchinbrook Island was inaccessible to us, so we could only admire it from afar.


We were far more excited to witness one of Queensland’s most picturesque and beautiful waterfalls, the Wallaman Falls! The waterfall has the longest single-drop falls in Australia (268 metres), and so it was not surprising that we took an hour to drive up the winding road around the mountain! When we reached the peak, we were treated to quite a sight!


Eventually we made it to Townsville, where we resided with our friends. We drove up to a hill nearby our friend’s place and watched Townsville come alive at night!


Days 6 to 8 – Residing and Exploring in Townsville

The next few days were spent in Townsville, exploring the city and the surrounding areas. One of the locations was Mount Stuart, overlooking Townsville with an elevation of 584 metres. We had gone there in the later afternoon, and stayed long enough to watch the “God rays” hit the land far beyond.


In the evening, we visited Castle Hill, a prominent monolith in the middle of the city of Townsville. Facing the Great Barrier Reef, we watched the sun set over the horizon and waited well after dark before leaving, etching the views in our minds for a long time to come.


Of course, we did not only stalk nature in its purest form, and sought to discover the waters that contained the Great Barrier Reef! Instead of snorkeling or diving, we did the ‘tourist-y’ thing and visited the Reef HQ, one of the largest coral reef aquarium! We witnessed the numerous fish and coral that called the ocean their home, and even took part in some interactive talks along the way! It was only after visiting the aquarium that we could truly ‘complete’ our trip to the Land Down Under!


Day 8 – Home “Sweet” Home

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so did this trip. We were very grateful to our hosts and friends who made this trip one of the most memorable in recent history. Australia is a kaleidoscope of breathtaking nature, warm and hospitable people and fun events for anyone and everyone. We would certainly love to come back to Australia again and set our sights on more adventures in the Land Down Under!


Till next time,



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