A Road Trip through Queensland (Part 1)

Hey guys!

So back in May, we went on a road trip/holiday to Queensland, Australia! We were very excited at being able to leave Singapore (and our busy responsibilities) and catch a short but memorable break in the Land Down Under! The 8 days we spent there was simply unforgettable, with so many places and events to shoot and capture. 

Although we used a number of cameras during our trip, we have decided to take a different approach to sharing our adventures, and feature only shots taken on 35mm film! We recently got our hands on the Canon EOS 55, a ‘modern’ automatic film camera. Using the Canon EOS 55 was a much needed break from using our manual exposure film cameras, and we took so many photos that we felt it was more worth sharing than from our digital photos.

Further, our film of choice for the trip, the Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 800, did not disappoint us in bringing an authentic and artistic perspective to photography (and the fact that it was expired brought a sense of trepidation concerning the outcome of the processed films).

Lastly, we shot with two different lenses: the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, and the Lomography Neptune 15mm f/3.8 wide angle lens (“Lomo Neptune Lens”). Hereafter, all photos are taken with the Canon lens unless indicated otherwise.

So without further ado, let’s get into our road trip!

Day 1: Flying to Cairns

Cairns was our arrival point in Australia, and after retrieving our rental car and a quick lunch, we headed straight to Port Douglas to check in to our Airbnb and grab some much needed rest. We did stop to take some sunset photos at Rex Smeal Park, and we were treated to a stunning view of the sun dipping over the mountains in Daintree National Park!

Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens. We were keen to try out the wide angle lens on the Canon 55, and we spotted the sunrise after touching down in Australia!
The day was basically a practice in acclimatization to Australia, from the weather to the driving conditions, but eventually we reached Port Douglas and watched the sunset from afar (in the background, Daintree National Park loomed).

It was a short day, but one which certainly set the mood and expectation for the road trip to come!

Day 2: On to Daintree and Cape Tribulation

Day 2 was the start of our real road trip. We made a number of pit stops, taking in the sights that we could only dream of in Singapore! The long drive took us through Daintree National Park, and the coastal road was pleasant on the sights, but perhaps not so much on the driver, with the winding roads presenting a challenge for the uninitiated!

One of many long and winding roads in Queensland. The rural, rustic feeling while driving certain took us back to simpler times.
At a pit-stop in Daintree, we spotted the Calliandra haematocephala, and tested the f/1.4 Canon lens on the flower. Didn’t disappoint!
At an ice-cream shop in the middle of the National Park (what a location for ice-cream), we got treated to a splendid view of the surrounding mountains. Wasn’t difficult to whip out our cameras and catch the breathtaking view!
Another oasis of calm and peace, we stopped near Thornton Beach for a quick spot of lunch, and trudged along the sandy beach as we enjoyed in the sea breeze and listened to the gentle waves hitting the shore.


Eventually, we reached the most northern point of the road at Cape Tribulation, where we were treated to an expanse of the ocean and the surrounding mountains. Soon, it was time for us to head back home, but it was an unforgettable day of basking in nature.

We spotted a bush turkey (one of many animals and birds) cantering about, minding its own business.
The reflection of the sky against the waters was immediately noticeable, making this a must-take shot.


Day 3: From Sunrises to Bungy Jumps

Since we were leaving Port Douglas that morning, we woke up at 5am (real early!) to catch the sunrise at the most eastern point of our trip. We stood in awe as we watched the sun peek over the horizon, bringing light to this part of the world.

Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens.
We weren’t the only admirers of nature as it turns out! Quite a number of locals were up early to witness the rising of the sun.
There we go! The sun peeked above the clouds, casting its rays and bringing about a marvelous scene.
After watching the sunrise, we stepped down onto Four Mile Beach (named so because of the sheer length of the beach).

Soon after, we departed for Cairns for an overnight stay, but we made a pit stop along the way to witness one of our friends courageously take on the bungy jump! The platform was 50m high and luckily the staff allowed us to follow our friend atop the platform and capture her maiden jump!

One of the pit-stops along the way was a curious series of smaller rocks balanced onto other rocks, creating this eerie un-earthly environment.
Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens. We followed our friend up onto the platform, where the height was certainly not for the faint of heart!
Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens. There she goes! Kudos for having the heart and courage to take the leap of faith!

Although it felt like a short day, we had enough adrenaline to entertain us as we looked forward to the next phase of our holiday: the Pacific Coast Way road trip!

Day 4: Onto the Pacific Coast Way

The first stage of the 487km drive from Cairns to Townsville (our destination) took us to some natural sights, which were the highlights of the day. First up, the Babinda Boulders, where the coursing rivers and falls flowed through time-worn round boulders of white and grey colours. It was simply a sight to behold!


Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens. At the Babinda Boulders, where the clear water revealed the riverbed and gorge.


Another example of why we love the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. The depth of field is amazing and the focus on the bark and moss of the tree really impressed us.

Thereafter, we made a short drove down to Josephine Falls, a series of small waterfalls where tourists and locals dipped in the safe, enclosed pools. We were not so daring, content to capture the silky smooth textures of the waterfall (without a tripod, that’s daring).

Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens. It was difficult enough trying to capture the silky smooth waters without a tripod, but somehow we managed it!


Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens.

We managed to reach our overnight stop at Wongaling Beach just before sunset, and rushed to the beach (which was almost literally in front of our accommodation) and witnessed yet another beautiful sunset.

One of the more stunning sunsets, with the sun washing the sky with purple, orange and yellow colours.
Taken with the Lomo Neptune Lens. Indeed, it was a sunset to remember 🙂

That’s it for now; look out for our sequel to this entry coming soon!

Till next time,



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