TAIWAN | Goodbyes and Alacritous Memories

Hey everyone!

This week we cover our last two days in Taiwan! The trip was mostly winding down to an end, but we intended to make full use of the remaining time we had left in the unpredictably fun city of Taipei!

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TAIWAN | Rainy Season & #OOTD Locations 

Hey everyone!

This week, we cover our adventure into the land of Taiwan! Continuing our from our previous entry, days 3 and 4 will be detailed below, covering our trips to tourist spots like 九份 (Jiufen), 十份 (Shifen) and 淡水 (Danshui)!

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TAIWAN | Our Adventure in the Land of Bubble Tea & Shilin Chicken

Hey everyone,

Last week, we took off on an epic journey to Taiwan, the land of good food and great scenery! We travelled with Damian’s friends (Patrick, Clive and Angela), and it was Sandra’s first time to Formosa (the name given to Taiwan during a short-lived Japanese occupation). We stayed in Taipei but travelled out, and our adventure will be described in greater detail in our next few entries!

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“Treasures of the World” at the National Museum

Hey there!

So we discovered that the British Museum in London was showcasing some of the oldest exhibits and artefacts from all over the world (hence, the titular name “Treasures of the World”) at the oldest museum in Singapore, the National Museum (how apt)!

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Hiking at Lower & Upper Peirce!

Hey everyone!

This week, we cover our hike through the heart of Singapore (literally), at two scenic reservoirs, namely the Upper Peirce and Lower Peirce Reservoir. These neighbouring reservoirs serve as water catchment areas, and form part of the network of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Further, the flora and fauna surrounding the reservoirs provide a natural setting for visitors and hikers alike! We had the benefit and guidance of Sandra’s close friend, Sarah, to lead us in this naturalistic adventure around some of Singapore’s oldest reservoirs!

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Hiking along the Green Corridor Trail

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