Singapore Night Festival 2019

Hey everyone!

As is almost a yearly tradition, we made our way to the Singapore CBD area to partake in the visual sights of the Singapore Night Festival 2019! Every year, we are treated to authentic and unique visual and auditory experiences that only come out at night, and this year did not disappoint at all! This year, we had on hand our trusty Fujifilm GFX 50R and the RB67 with the modified Instax Square back!

One of the perennial exhibits during this event is the light performance “Keep Dreaming” at the National Museum. This performance features giant projectors which face the exterior structure of the National Museum, and lights up the facade to entertaining visuals and spectacles. This year, the exhibit portrays the building as it turns alive, and is cheekily interacted by children. As we see the museum cycle through different designs, the light performance ends with fireworks on screen (as close as we Singaporeans will get to live fireworks apart from the usual celebratory days, unfortunately!), and a smattering of crowd applause resounds in the night.

From across the street, throngs of visitors had their phones out, capturing the colourful display.


Image (598)d
This display had the iconic Singapore Airlines design (as seen on their air stewardesses).

Image (598)b

Image (598)c
Fireworks! It always gets people excited!


A rare selfie moment of us 🙂

Image (598)a

There were various light installations and performances all around the CBD area, and we started our journey into the night, seeking them in hopes of capturing a good photo (or more).

Image (589)a
The historic Singapore CHJIMES chapel was not left out of the occasion, as in similar fashion to the National Museum, projectors shone interactive animation on the facade of the chapel. (Light Performance: “Waves of Time”)
There were literal waves as it washed over and presented Singapore’s history and culture.
Image (589)b
The trees in CHJIMES were also strung with fairy lights, and many people sat on the lawn in deep contemplation and/or contentment, alone or with friends and loved ones.


Image (589)c
An angel that watches over us…. or a light sculpture found outside the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.
In fact, there were many angels!
A recurring event at the Chapel are the placement of candles, as seen by the bokeh of lit candles in the background!
Image (589)d
These individual holographic / LED lights was quite enticing and “picture-worthy”, with many visitors posing up a storm. (Light Installation: “In-Sight”)
It seemed like an apt juxtaposition: the light against the dark of human nature.
Image (599)a
In the middle of the familiar rotunda of the National Museum, a very large metallic structure shaped like a sun with protruding flares hung, and lit up in rhythmic fashion. (Light installation: “Intergalactic Dreams”)
This structure was meant to simulate a “spaceship”, as seen by the thrusters on the right.


Image (599)b
Finally, aother iconic structure outside the National Museum lies a banyan tree, and has often been involved in the Singapore Night Festival over the years. This year was no different, as it played backdrop to another projector-based animation about “The Legend of Ramayana”.


When it is lit up, it sure looks quite exquisite, even otherworldly.

It’s amazing to see how every year, different animators, artists, and designers raise their levels of creativity, design, and craftsmanship to bring to visitors an immersive, ethereal experience involving the use of lights. At the same time, there are many themes, visions and stories behind each of these light installation / performance, and one we should try to understand and appreciate!

Till next time,



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