Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

Hey everyone!

Singapore may be a relatively young state (compared to many Western countries), but like any independent, sovereign country (except for England!), we too celebrate our independence! Every year on 9th August, Singapore celebrates on National Day with a large-scale parade (National Day Parade, or NDP). The parade is full of lively and engaging spectacles, from marching troops to elaborate stage performances, to the most anticipated event, the fireworks! Read on to enjoy the exclusive sneak peak of this year’s NDP!

This year, we have had the opportunity to attend a preview show for the NDP, and we brought along our usual camera companions to capture the atmosphere and sights of the parade! You can check out more about the NDP on their official website here!

One fun perk of attending the NDP is that every visitor is given a “funpack”, which is a bag that contains refreshments and items to commemorate National Day. Every year since 1991, the funpack has a unique design, and this year’s design is themed according to Singapore’s flag colours (namely red and white), and is waterproof, lightweight and durable:

Photo credits: straitstimes.com

Further, this year’s NDP is held at the recently constructed National Stadium. The former National Stadium was very much an icon in its time, hosting a multitude of sporting, cultural and entertainment events, as well as the NDP (multiple times between 1986 and 2006). The former National Stadium was demolished in 2010, and in 4 years, a new, modern stadium took its place:

The former National Stadium… (photo credits: seagames2015.com)
and the modern National Stadium! (photo credits: straitstimes.com)

The hallmark of every NDP is to celebrate Singapore’s independence, as well as to tell the Singapore Story; of how our forefathers traveled from afar and settled into Singapore.

Wear your red t-shirts and follow us on our journey!

At 4pm- the gates into the stadium is open!
Let the pre-parade begin!
Hardworking students preparing the crowds; leading us in different cheers, sing-along-not to mention the legendary KALLANG WAVE!


This year, we were given torch bangles to wear on our wrists! These were calibrated and colour coordinated with the performances! How genius is that?!

Fun pack came with temporary tattoos!
Although our instax mini border shows “SG50”, Singapore is 51!
Simulations of the Members of Parliament (MPs) Arrival!
Military band with their skillful marches, formation and music!
Marching Parade!

By far this was our favourite segment from every NDP! Here, different marching contingents representing different uniform groups in Singapore!

Looking smart and proud!
Welcoming Singapore’s President! (For the preview it was represented by the Member of Parliament :D)
Someone feeling patriotic and proud 🙂
Cannons firing from afar! We could hear the cannons but

Welcoming Minister of Education, Mr Ng Chee Meng.
Towards the end of the parade, the different uniform groups marked up the benches! It was very exciting as they were very close to us!

The Prologue of the Singapore Story  begins! Here the lights started to dim – and lights from our wrist lit up!

ACT 1: Badang and the Singapore Stone!

The legendary story of Badang and how the Singapore Stone arrived on our shores!


Flying Badang!

Act 2: Four Civilisations!

A dance to celebrate that rich diversity and harmony of the Singapore culture! A dance that pays tribute to our forefathers who migrated to Singapore for a better life.


Act 3: Date to Dream!

Laser light anyone?
This segment is about inspiring Singaporeans who dare to dream; symbolising about the hope and dreams of the Singapore future!
Flying unicorn! So happy our camera managed to capture it 🙂

Act 4: Ingenuity and Act 5: Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow

Acts represents how Singaporeans are likened to be architects and engineers of the future. Here, a floating city prop made up of multiple iconic builds is lighted up!

Act 6: Our Home, Our People!

Here, 420 participants create an awe-inspiring mass display of changing images!

Oh, did we mention fireworks? Here’s the Finale display!

Long exposure was rather useful here!
Here are some indoor fireworks!
Long exposure anyone?
Pink mist!

Outdoor fireworks start at 818pm!


All in all, it was fun watching the preview! We felt extremely patriotic. Singapore has indeed come so far. We are so excited for the future, and what God has in plan for our nation!

Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

Till next time,



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