Singapore Contemporary Art Show: A World of Arts

During the weekend of 22-24 January 2016, we were given the privilege (courtesy of some complimentary tickets) to visit the Singapore Contemporary Art Show, held at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre.


The gallery showcased a variety of artists from all over the world; these included our South East Asian counterparts (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines) and beyond that, Australia, China, Italy, Russia, South Korea- just to name a few! The diversity of artwork on display (and sale, technically) was indeed something to marvel at; as such we want to share with our readers of our experience and education about art!

Singapore is increasingly thrives to be a hub for contemporary art. Click here to read more!

It was our first time attending a paid-for art gallery, and not knowing the customs or behaviours to abide to, we sauntered through the exhibitions, unsure of taking photos (y’know, copyright infringement etc etc). Unsurprisingly, we saw everyone taking photos and simply followed suit! Most of the photos we took are really intended to be ‘snapshots’; we captured what we thought were really cool or nice to look at (because we are DEFINITELY not arts-centric in any way haha).


Upon entry, we were given a free tote bag (slung on Sandra’s left shoulder) and a brochure!

Got to listen to Simon Wee talk about what inspired his artworks πŸ™‚

Indonesian graphic designer Agan Harahap famously known for ‘photoshopping’ famous celebrities in unexpected locations in Indonesia! You can check out more here!

Menticulous display of birds and feathers. Strangely hypnotic to be frank haha.

Adding textures: 3D-Art on canvas by using acrylic paint!

Love this modern take of using external backing light to show where natural lights hits.

We saw an interesting (holographic?) effect of this painting! As you move across this painting the art piece ‘changes’!




Macey and Sons Kids Art Studio – At this point, we saw an art corner showcasing art works completed by children (and up for sale). We were thoroughly impressed with their work; neither of us could paint that…

Love the mosaic tiles design!

We saw a huge Andy Warhol on canvas and were instantly (pun so intended) excited by it! Especially the “Instant Fame” can which shows him famously using Polaroid’s Self Portrait Instant Camera!

Uniquely Singaporean Samsui Woman, made from sculptured bronze (not sure whether Sandra was too shy to pose or she was walking away quickly. Heh.)

“Let’s stay together shall we?”

Mini pop-up cafe set up for buyers. Check out what they are serving (and more importantly, the price *gasp*).

Sitting area showing more contemporary (interpretive) art about money.

Another of our (Sandra mostly) favourite art piece! It looks like a mini library with mini books tiled side by side. So cute!

Damian reading up on his art background πŸ™‚

Spotted a culture loaded with many baubles! Could not help ourselves but to take a selfie. Heh. How many of us can you see?

A creative over-head art piece using old headlamps, as done by a local artist!

Finally, we admired this art piece of the founding father of Singapore, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew!

Here’s one of our favourite instax that we took!

BTW: Be sure to follow us @damianwithsandra on Instagram for the rest of our instant film shots πŸ™‚

Image (25)
Multiple Exposure: A screen advertising the Singapore Contemporary Art Show πŸ™‚ We could not resist the opportunity to take a layered photo with it!

From our observation, most of the attendees were interested buyers, looking to purchase an art piece from the artists themselves. As we walked around the booths, we saw many artists talking and explaining to others about their work and what inspired them. We feel inspired too just by listening them! It was truly quite an enriching learning experience.

We hope you enjoy this little takeaway/reflection piece πŸ™‚ Indeed, people have their own views and opinions on social and political issues, but art is a fantastic medium to express oneself! We absolutely admire and appreciate the artists, especially their creative interpretation and perspectives of life!

Till next time,



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