Sandra’s Birthday!!!

So Friday (22 January to be precise heh) was someone’s birthday!

One half of Damianwithsandra grew a year older (I’ll leave you and your snooping senses to find out how old she turned). It was in our own unique fashion that we celebrated her birthday!

Having perused the Internet for a good steakhouse, our choice (or Damian’s, rather) was Les Bouchons, a realistic Parisian steakhouse! It was difficult to keep a pair of hungry souls away from our dinner spot but nevertheless, we found time to enjoy the sights and sounds around Ann Siang Hill!

Outside the Red Dot Museum, we stopped by to take a quick selfie! Unfortunately hungry, we found a couple of swings installed on the foyer of the URA building.
Lo, inspiration!


Here’s us sitting on a classic two-person swing! Someone’s excited about how her (unintentional multiple exposure) instant wide film turned out! (The camera we used for this Instant Wide image is the Fujifilm instax Wide 210).

Ann Siang Hill has quite the nightlife vibe- courtesy of the numerous bars and pubs situated along Ann Siang Road and Club Street. However few would know of its history as a plantation of nutmegs and cloves. Many of the shophouses were built in the early 1900s; to us, they looked just like the shophouses found in Hong Kong!

Doesn’t it remind you of period Hong Kong films? Many of these shophouses were used by traditional clans in the 1900s!
A snapshot of Club Street!


Sandra reading up on history!


The restaurant was inconspicuously located in one such shophouse. The interior was very Parisian, with dim, cascading lights, brick walls with old portraits and- you guessed it- a bar counter! It was so dim that our photos turned out quite grainy, but the food was something special altogether!

A smattering selection of wine and liquor!
Bread is usually served for free in European restaurants. We love how the bread taste warm when it reached our tables!
Someone’s pleased with her steak (Grilled Sirloin)! – And yes, our focus is on the steak, not on the birthday girl. Heh.
This was what Damian had. The Grilled Ribeye with ‘Vingeron’ Butter is a must try here! Succulent and slightly charred, the steak was not too chewy but soft. Palatable and delightful indeed!
The Grilled Sirloin Steak was a tad tougher, but it went well with the Black Pepper Sauce! Meanwhile, credit goes to the fries, which is just SO AMAZING. Crunchy and flavorful, the free flow option caused us to be very, very full at the end of the meal!
Yes they do not charge extra for water 🙂


After our fabulous experience at Les Bouchons, we went somewhere quiet to celebrate Sandra’s birthday. We will let the pictures speak for her reaction!

Unfortunately the cake got a bit rattled, but it still looks good! Here’s a slice of Red Velvet Cake from Cedele- Sandra’s favourite!
A long birthday wish… (with an unintentional shot of the latest instant wide film)
As a surprise, Damian made a creative set of playing cards-turned memoirs of our relationship thus far. 🙂 Funnily, we needed the flash from Damian’s phone to brighten the scene.
Gifts all around! Indeed, it was a happy day for Sandra (and Damian obviously hehe).
More instant love! This book details the different Polaroids and instant film technology, and instructs on how to take good pictures. Sandra loved this book immensely!

All in all, it had been a wonderful evening for the both of us and we certainly hope to bring more fun-tastic entries and adventures in the coming days ahead!

Les Bouchons is located at 7 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069689. We highly recommend this place for a romantic or simple casual dining experience. Dinner menus start around $40, but it is sooooooooo worth it!

Till next time,



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