Happy 52nd Birthday, Singapore!

Hey everyone!

Our yearly tradition on our website is to wish our amazing country a Happy Birthday and to share about the National Day Parade and the famous fireworks display at the end! We were blessed with tickets to watch the National Day Parade (Preview), and brought along our  camera gear to capture the parade and the sights that accompanied it. Furthermore, we were with many, many people as we caught and captured the impeccable fireworks display on National Day itself!

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Fiery Night of Fireworks @ NDP

Hey everyone!

We round off our related series on celebrating Singapore’s National Day, with the most anticipated event of the day (actually, night); fireworks!

Fireworks are a rarity in Singapore due to its stringent regulation by the government. The two occasions that fireworks are witnessed in Singapore include National Day and New Year’s Eve, while smaller-scale fireworks are witnessed during Chinese New Year and at Sentosa (in conjunction with a themed light show).

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