Eid Mubarak, and Geylang Serai Once Again!

Hey everyone!

On 15th June 2018, Muslims around the world commemorated the end of the Ramadan Festival, completing their 30-day fasting cycle for the year. At the same time, the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar was also in full swing, carrying on throughout the night and attracting loads of hungry visitors to the tantalizing food-stalls! Last year, we enjoyed the succulent and unique food treats on offer, and this year was no different! This year, there were some new carnival rides for the young and older folks to enjoy.

Further, we had a different camera to try this year: our modified Polaroid 180 Land Camera with the Instax Wide back! We have really enjoyed using this camera, allowing us to capture Instax Wide film with the high-quality lens found in the 180 Land Camera. We hope you enjoy this short entry, as we captured the sights and scenes on a humid Singapore night!

Image (170)b
Lighted signage adorning the road along Geylang Serai; the words “Salam Aidilfrtri” found on the signage means “Happy Hari Raya”, in commemoration of the occasion.
Image (170)a
The crescent moon on the lighted structure is a well-known symbol of Islam, although there are arguments against its pagan meaning.
Image (169)b
We caught sight of the “Meteorite”, named so because of the rotating motion of the ride, while its riders stand up and face the G-force! When we saw this, we knew a long-exposure shot was in order!
Image (169)f
Against the backdrop of the festival lighting, the street lamp illuminated part of Damian’s face, which portrayed Damian in an eerie manner!
Image (169)a
When we passed by this roadside with dangling baubles and lights overhead, we knew we could not pass up the opportunity to capture this! Further, the Polaroid Land Camera 180 is primarily captures landscape, so to manoeuvre and capture this in portrait was no easy feat.
Image (168)d
At the carnival, we tested our zone-focusing on a couple of elated kids enjoying a children’s ride. Turns out we weren’t too far off, but it means we definitely need more practice!

As much as the food was delicious (sadly, none captured) and the bazaar was buzzing with life and fanfare, the meaning behind the occasion should always be borne in mind! So once again, we wish our readers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidlifitri!

Till next time,




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