Re-exploring the Southern Ridges with the Instax Square SQ6!

Hey everyone!

One of our first hikes together as Damianwithsandra was along the Southern Ridges, a sprawling 10 kilometre stretch through the heart of Singapore, starting from Harbourfront and ending at Kent Ridge! In our first attempt, we covered the first few kilometres, and even documented our adventure in one of the earliest posts on our website!

Unsurprisingly, we have always desired to return to complete the trail, and we decided one fine day to do that…

spoiler alert… we didn’t actually complete it! Instead, we walked for quite a distance before the rain came and prevented us from progressing. In the end, we managed to cover the Henderson Waves, Telok Blangah Hill Park and up to the HortPark (check out the route here).

As usual, we had our camera gear to use for this humid and (eventually) rainy day, and we even had the brand new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 on hand! While the older SQ10 was essentially a digital camera with minimal functions (essentially a printer for the Instax Sqaure film), the SQ6 was a fully functional camera with various settings!

We were very keen to try the SQ6 out, and no better place to use it than with nature and fauna around us:

Image (167)c
One of the best functions in the SQ6 is the double exposure function! Our first test shot came out really nicely, with the open roofs of the Henderson Wave acting as the backdrop.
Image (166)e
Aptly named Terrace Gardens, the sprawling flights of stairs offered a decent view of the surrounding features.
Image (166)h
Here, testing the Macro function on the SQ6, it was clearly a bit difficult to accurately focus at 30cm. Zone focusing is not exactly our forte, so more work needs to be done to improve!
Image (167)a
Another well-executed double exposure, if we should say so ourselves 😉
Image (166)g
Flash tends to bring everything in focus, even if not within the focusing distance.
Image (166)f
One of our final shots with our only pack of Instax Square film, it didn’t turn out exactly as we hoped.

We were impressed with the sleek design of the SQ6, and the multitude of functions allowed us to be creative with our shots! However, the lens is not as sharp as we are used to; perhaps others might be keen to modify the SQ6…?

In any case, we also brought out our Modified Polaroid 180 Land Camera with the Instax Wide Back to capture the lovely landscape around us:

Image (168)b
Cluster of housing apartments can be seen from Henderson Waves.

Image (167)e

Image (167)d

Image (167)f
The Interlace, an award-winning private condominium with an eccentric but workable architecture!
Image (168)c
Finally we ended the day at Vivocity, near Harbourfront MRT. Beyond us was Sentosa, a popular tourist destination.

We still aim to complete the Southern Ridges, and we certainly won’t be cutting slack next time! Watch this space for future updates!

Till next time,



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