Happy Holidays And Carnival Fun!

Hey everyone,

2017 is quickly coming to a close, and with Christmas and New Year’s coming and going, we treated ourselves to a fun night out at the Marina Bay Carnival, ongoing until 1 April 2018! We specifically decided to go in the night as we wanted to capture some long-exposure shots, so we brought out the trusty tripod and our Fujifilm X-T10 and the Polaroid SLR 680SE!

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival was a fun-filled affair, full of amusement park rides, food outlets and games bazaars for visitors to try and win prizes! The prices set for the rides were a bit costly, but nevertheless our main goal was to capture the buzzing atmosphere of a carnival!

One of the entrances to the two carnival sites: one site is located besides Marina Bay Sands, the other at the Promotory (Marina Bay)!
Juxtaposing fun thrill rides against the backdrop of city-centre office towers.
One of many interactive bazaar games; we certainly saw many prizes being carried out by winning participants!
Bumper Cars!
There was enough room for a mini roller coaster!
One of many models to take amusing photos of, including this muscle wrestler that Sandra posed with!


Our first long-exposure shot was of the typical Viking Ship, which swings like a pendulum for riders!


The iconic Carousel, complete with its medieval design.
Next up, is the adrenaline-junkie’s favourite, “Mach 5”, which is a quick-fire pendulum swing, and certainly not for the faint of heart! Although we think the long-exposure shots do make up for its harrowing customers…
… a pinkish swirl, like cotton candy!
Looks like a colourful fan!


We also brought along our Kamlan lens (F/1.1, 50mm), which was a treat for the night lights (and Sandra’s newly-bought crown-light hairband!)


That bokeh though!


The “Star Flyer”, a type of chairflyer where riders take a wild spin with a fantastic view of the Marina Bay!


A bit fast wethink!

As for our Polaroid shots, the main challenge was lighting (given it was night), so we had the use of a) the flash mode or b) the tripod:

Image (109)a
An indication of the challenge ahead without flash or tripod!
Image (109)b
With the flash, the subjects on the Carousel were captured well!
Image (109)c
One lesser-known aspects of using the SLR 680SE is the tendency to overexpose without manually changing the settings; so one way is to definitely use the ‘darken’ setting’!

Image (109)dImage (109)e

Image (109)f


We had loads of fun at the Marina Bay Carnival despite not riding any of the amusement rides, and will surely return for the fun adventures soon!

As 2017 comes to a close, we would like to thank our readers for visiting our website so often, and knowing that there are people still appreciate of our content keeps us going! That being said, we have not been regular in publishing content on this website, and one of our ‘resolutions’ for 2018 is surely to update more regularly! Meanwhile, our Instagram profile is still very active, so feel free to follow us over there!

We are looking forward to a brand new year in 2018, and we wish all our readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Till next time,



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