Halloween: Getting Spooky with Splitzer and Prism Filters

Hey everyone!

All around the globe, people are celebrating Halloween, and here in Singapore it’s no different! Although we don’t really go out to dress up in costumes and ‘trick-o-treat’, we decided to commemorate the theme of Halloween with our favourite instant shots. We certainly had fun exploring our different cameras, using different accessories and creating ‘spooky’ outcomes!

Take a look below:

Using a splitzer, we (tried to) capture each halves of our faces. Owing to our different arm lengths and positioning, this was the result: spooky but funny to look at!
We manually attached some Holga lens accessories on the Lomo’Instant Wide. Here, Sandra took the instant photo of herself with the remote trigger, and the lens produced multiple images of her!
Here’s Damian doing the same, except outdoors!
Seeing too many of us? (eh heh)
Likewise for our SX-70, we were able to attach the Holga lens accessories on it, allowing us to take creative photos, like this one of a wandering dog!
Unintentional bokeh, but still…!


An attempted long exposure; on the right, Damian was captured swinging for a good 20 seconds!
The best part about night photography (in our view) is being able to take light photography! Here, Sandra wrote the word ‘hello’, and unwittingly got caught at the end!
“Faith”; the aperture must have been quite big because Damian’s legs are visible!

We hope that this entry continues to inspire our readers to use their instant cameras as much as possible, and explore the avenues for creativity. For example, the Holga lens accessories had to be fixed on the Lomo’Instant Wide with tape (because they were not made for that camera), but they worked the same on the Lomo’Instant Wide! Sometimes you have to think out of the box 😉

Till next time,



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