Low Lights at iLight @ Marina Bay 2018!

Hey everyone!

We took some time out of our busy schedule to gander around the Central Business District to visit the yearly iLight (@ Marina Bay) Festival! A well-received light art festival occurring in March each year, it is no surprise that the CBD area was bustling with visitors once again! Keen to capture memories like last year’s edition, we were excited to use our cameras once again and test our steady hands to manage the low-lights setting!

A curious installation like an octopus with 8 legs, these spindly tubes were connected to drums where visitors could hit on them, causing the lights to change colour and ‘sending’ it up to the top!
Young children were particularly enthused with this exhibit, and were merrily banging away on the drums!
Along Marina Bay, passers-by can be seen resting along the quayside, finding solace in the emanating lights all around the Bay.
Aptly called ‘Passage’, this lighted pathway changes colour and pattern as visitors walk through it, and photos below illustrate the visual delight of moving colours!


In the spirit of sustainable living, glass bottles were recycled and hung up, with LED lights creating a procession of flashing orange illuminations.


Another creative and interactive exhibit, visitors were allowed to strike these metal poles with lamps at the ends of it, creating a unique musical and visual experience.
Dancing Grass: where illuminated structures appear like ‘grass’ in the background of the city, although here Sandra is proudly holding up the Mamiya Universal Press!

As expected, we had our Polaroid film on hand to capture the night scenery, with our MUP:

Image (134)d
The backdrop of the Esplanade Theatres along Boat Quay created a stunning spectacle to behold.
Image (134)f
Quizzical Damian amongst bags of plastic materials recycled for an exhibition to raise awareness.

Image (135)a

Image (135)b
It took a while for the lights to appear in this pattern, but when we captured this shot we knew it would turn out well!

Although the iLight Festival has already ended, the message behind the exhibits are just as important; with a focus on sustainable living, the exercise of creativity and promoting upcoming young artists and exhibitors, who says Singapore is dull and boring?

Finally, we will try to update our website on a monthly basis, but our Instagram is more frequently updated with insights, short photography sessions and displays of our captures!

Till next time,



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