Blessed New Year 2017!

Hey everyone,

Goodbye 2016, and hello 2017! We would like to wish all our readers a blessed and exciting new year ahead!

2016 has been a great year for us in our burgeoning photography interest: we have had new cameras, accessories and lens to try out and add to our collection, and our loyal readers will surely have noticed that! We have expanded our use of films from instax mini films to Impossible Project films, packfilm and 35mm film, and we hope to see this list grow in the future!

Today’s entry is all about bokeh (which we both loveeeeeeeee), and with our newest addition to our camera gear (being Lomography’s Petzval 58mm Bokeh Art lens), we could not wait to try it out! We have previously used this lens along Orchard Road during Christmas, and it was fun snapping away and creatively utilising the lens.

The photos below were our first experience and trial with the Petzval lens, and we really loved the swirly effect of the images, coupled with the amazing bokeh. The Petzval lens use aperture plates which can be slotted into the lens. This means that at any time, only one aperture size can be used. Nevertheless, it was clear to us that the largest aperture size (of f/1.9) would be utilised more often then not, since it could create significant swirly effects.

The Petzval lens’ niche is the swirly effect, which can be seen here. The ‘swirl’ factor is dialed at the maximum here.
Christmas tree bokeh! You would have noticed the bokeh having a pattern like a ‘Pokeball’, but in reality this photo was taken with the aperture plate being dislodged.
Fairy lights and close up = awesome photos 🙂
Since the focal length is 58mm, capturing macro shots are a challenge. Lots of physical maneuvering required just to get this shot!
A background with many different lights will be quite handy for bokeh shots, like the one above; the bokeh are actually the highway lamps and buildings in the distance.
If it wasn’t clear, we love Christmas a lot!

We are very satisfied with the Petzval 58mm lens, and we certainly cannot wait to use it with other special aperture plate, which will produce different bokeh shapes! Look out for that entry in the near future 🙂

Till next time,



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