A Tribute to Rochor’s Hidden Secrets

Hey everyone!

This week’s entry is a tribute to a few places that sadly won’t be around after 2017: the Rochor Centre (which we visited last year and featured on our website), and the Sungei Road Thieves’ Market (a place we described in detail on our website too).  It has been many months since we explored the locations, and to imagine that these gems will be gone for good is a sad thought. Therefore, we decided to visit these locations one last time!

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More Exhibitions @ the ArtScience Museum

Hey everyone!

Following from our earlier website entry, the Future World Exhibition, we continue our fascinations with museum! We loooooove going to museums in general, because it gives us a chance to gain knowledge about events and experiences that we normally would not encounter in our daily lives! The ArtScience Museum is one such location which allows us to do so. We attended two exhibitions which is still being hosted there (at the time of this entry): NASA – A Human Adventure and Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder. Here, we brought our dependable cameras, namely the the Fujifilm XT-10 and the Mint Instantflex!

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Ambling Along Changi Beach and Coastal Walk

Hey everyone!

This week, we head to the far east of Singapore to explore Changi Beach and the Changi Point Costal Walk, which extends alongside the beach. We chose to utilise the public holiday (of Chinese New Year) to visit a secluded location and take some non-urban photos (which has dominated our website for the past few weeks, admittedly).

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