Year of the Rooster – Treading the Streets of Chinatown!

Hey everyone!

To all our Chinese readers, we wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year! Indeed this year is the Year of the Rooster (following the Chinese Zodiac), and as you might have guessed, we headed down to the one location that epitomises the Chinese culture: Chinatown!

Chinatown (or 牛车水, referencing carts filled with water which was lugged around by bulls in the past) has been the location for our photography adventures many times (during last year’s Chinese New Year celebrations and the Mooncake Festival in 2015 and 2016), and this year it really is no different! The hustle-and-bustle of the locale makes it a challenging exercise in capturing the festivity as it happens. Nevertheless, we had a new gear in the Petzval 58mm Bokeh Art Lens that would surely enhance our experience and bring some variety to our photos.

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Seeing Double (Exposures) with the Impossible I-1 Analogue Instant Camera

Hey everyone!

We last featured the Impossible I-1 camera during our trip to Little India when Deepavali was being celebrated! Since then, we have come to appreciate a nifty function of the I-1 camera which many Polaroid cameras do not have: a double exposure function! Indeed, we were also keen to explore the potential of the I-1 camera further, and so we took it out one day to try out some of our favourite double exposures with the Impossible White Round Frame monochrome film (Gen 2.0) (we used a pack which was expired). We wish to highlight that the I-1 camera can be manually controlled using the I-1 mobile application (“App”), and that has to be used to take double exposure instant films.

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Future World Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum

Hey everyone!

We have been looking forward to visiting the ArtScience Museum by the Marina Bay Sands since we heard about Future World exhibition. A visual and auditory exhibition, it involves the use of technology and human input to immerse the visitors. We were especially keen of a particular installation featuring 170,000 LED lights (as seen later), so look out for that! We also visited other concurrent exhibitions, but we will write about them very soon (in a separate entry).

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Holga 120 GCFN: A Camera for All Seasons

Hey everyone!

Some keen-eyed readers may have noticed that despite featuring many cameras so far, the Holga camera has never been featured in our website. To be honest, we did not own one (till now); we acknowledge that the Holga is a timeless classic camera which helped revitalise the interest of street/film photography in Asia (and beyond) since the early 1980s.

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Blessed New Year 2017!

Hey everyone,

Goodbye 2016, and hello 2017! We would like to wish all our readers a blessed and exciting new year ahead!

2016 has been a great year for us in our burgeoning photography interest: we have had new cameras, accessories and lens to try out and add to our collection, and our loyal readers will surely have noticed that! We have expanded our use of films from instax mini films to Impossible Project films, packfilm and 35mm film, and we hope to see this list grow in the future!

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