Christmas Lights Bokeh Using the Petzval 58mm Lens!

Hey everyone! 

Merry Christmas to our readers! 

Continuing with the spirit of Christmas, we decided to dedicate yet another entry to Christmas lights! As always, we have chosen a different mode of photography; returning to digital photography, but with a new set of lens that we were very keen to try! We returned to the streets of Orchard (last featured in our first Night Photography entry), where we hoped to capture some stunning bokeh photos with Lomography’s Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens!

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Instant Photography Projects – DIY Christmas Cards

Hey everyone!

Christmas is really just around the corner! At this time, we’re sure that most of you would be finding Christmas gifts and making (or buying…) Christmas cards. This entry is dedicated to some Christmas cards ideas we have utilised this year, naturally using instant films, such as the Instax mini and the Impossible Project film.

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Christmas Night Photography

Hey everyone!

Christmas is around the corner (3 weeks away, but it feels so close!), so we decided to venture around Singapore’s famous Orchard Road and City Hall area to take some photos of the wonderful Christmas lights!

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Fun with Light Painting!

Hey everyone!

We admit that we have been very busy for the past few weeks, and we were sad that we could not update our website with new posts (although our Instagram is still active, don’t worry!) We’re glad to say that we’re back in full swing, ready to upload and share about our latest adventures!

Light painting is one of our keen interests, and we certainly have had fun composing long exposure shots with bright lights, and these lights can be produced with a variety of sources! In this entry, we are sharing about the different instruments for light photography, and how we captured some of our shots.

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