Using our Polaroid Spectra ImagePro

Hey everyone!

This week we decided to kick back, relax and share with our readers some of our favourite photos taken with our Polaroid Spectra ImagePro! You may have seen some of them on our Instagram, but here, we also detail the work that goes into these Polaroids!

Click here to view other varieties of Polaroid Spectra camera and the specifications.

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Fiery Night of Fireworks @ NDP

Hey everyone!

We round off our related series on celebrating Singapore’s National Day, with the most anticipated event of the day (actually, night); fireworks!

Fireworks are a rarity in Singapore due to its stringent regulation by the government. The two occasions that fireworks are witnessed in Singapore include National Day and New Year’s Eve, while smaller-scale fireworks are witnessed during Chinese New Year and at Sentosa (in conjunction with a themed light show).

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Changi Chapel & Museum

Hey everyone!

Today on the 14th day of August in the year 1945, marks an important date of the end of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. This week we have been exploring a little-known museum in the far-flung corner of Singapore, but which houses significant memories and tales of a time that many Singaporeans have not lived through: the Japanese occupation during World War II (WWII).

The Changi Chapel & Museum is a museum that depicts the historic knowledge about WWII in Singapore, the Japanese occupation, tales of livelihood and death, and the prisoners-of-wars’ (POWs) internment in Changi Gaol (malay for ‘prison’). In the museum rests a replica chapel, a symbolic structure representing all the wartime chapels built during WWII by the POWs.

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Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

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Singapore may be a relatively young state (compared to many Western countries), but like any independent, sovereign country (except for England!), we too celebrate our independence! Every year on 9th August, Singapore celebrates on National Day with a large-scale parade (National Day Parade, or NDP). The parade is full of lively and engaging spectacles, from marching troops to elaborate stage performances, to the most anticipated event, the fireworks! Read on to enjoy the exclusive sneak peak of this year’s NDP!

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