End of #PolaroidWeek

Alas, we have reached the end of #PolaroidWeek.

In this entry, we decided to showcase some of our favourite Polaroids taken this week!

As we are focusing on using our Polaroid Sonar SX-70 this week, we have tried a variety of resources and techniques. For starters, we experimented with black & white and 600 film from Impossible Project (although the latter film requires a Neutral Density Filter as it is more sensitive to light for our poor old Sonar SX-70); tried some long exposures; tried some filters, as well as utilising the MiNT Lens Kit! Just to name a few 🙂

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Starting #PolaroidWeek at Arab Street

Polaroid Week starts tomorrow from 18th April 2016 till next Sunday 24th April 2016; and of course, we are very excited!

To commemorate this week, we decided to showcase some of our Polaroids we have taken with our Sonar SX-70. For those of you who have been following our Instagram you would have already seen some of these photos!

This entry aims to provide a nice & clear preview (unless of course you are reading our website from your phone) of our Polaroids, as well as to elaborate on our adventures along the small alley lanes of Arab Street. 🙂

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Holga (Lens) Madness!

Many of our close friends know that we have a keen interest in film cameras! Our initial knowledge and exposure (pun intended eh heh) of film cameras was the Holga Camera (notwithstanding those disposable film cameras we grew up using). While researching online about the different types of Holga cameras, we stumbled upon a variety of Holga accessories, including Holga lenses for DSLRs cameras and iPhones, phone apps mimicking Holga effects, Holga lenses for Fuji Instax cameras, DIGITAL Holga cameras and even “Holgaroids” (Instant Film backing with Holga cameras).

Clearly, we were spoilt for choice!

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