Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera: Sonar Onestep

Differing from our usual entries, we have decided to try our hand at writing a review of our new favourite (addition) to our cameras- the Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera: Sonar Onestep! For the sake of consistency, we will refer to this camera as the “Sonar SX-70“! 🙂

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Hanging out at Haw Par Villa

Continuing on the blazing trail of our Chinese heritage, we visit a unique, otherworldly landmark known as the Haw Par Villa (aka Tiger Balm Gardens). The Haw Par Villa was opened by the Aw Brothers, whose family created the Tiger Balm ointment (used to cure headaches, muscle aches etc). It is internationally reputed, such that even UK pharmaceutical shops like Boots stock them! Fun Fact: Damian loves to use Tiger Balm (but we’re not sponsored in any way HAHA).

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Instant Photography: Suntec City & Tanjong Pagar

Hey everyone!

This week we are sharing a light-hearted entry on Sandra’s favourite medium: instant film! Again, we used the Fujifilm’s instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC and Lomography’s kickstarter project: the Lomo’Instant Camera. We took the opportunity to shoot instant films around Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), specifically at Suntec City and Tanjong Pagar. As always, we experimented with the multiple exposure function, and we’re here to share our creations!

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Ushering in the Lunar New Year at Chinese Gardens

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner (literally less than a few hours away; yay to ang baos), we decided to pay a visit to one of Singapore’s remarkable but lesser known heritage sites, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens! Joining us for the first time on our photography adventure was Sandra’s friend, Kit Yeng, who is also a photography enthusiast like us!

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