Makan Hunt @ Victor’s Kitchen Restaurant

Hey everyone! We took quite a break from posting entries of our photography adventures, and we’re glad to be back posting regular weeklies for all our readers and friends alike!

This year, we are introducing a new series called Makan Hunt!  As true born and bred Singaporeans, our favourite pastime is combing Singapore to find delicious and appetising food (although our palates may differ ever so slightly)! We both aren’t experts at food (unlike certain bloggers and websites heh); we just want to share with our readers of our favourite food places! In this series, we visit eateries that we both enjoyed immensely, usually catering to a particular cuisine!

On Damian’s recommendation, we visited Victor’s Kitchen to sample some truly well-made Hong Kong-style Dim sum! Dim sum are small bite sized dishes usually served in traditional steamers baskets. Check out our culinary adventure below!


HK Milk Tea: The unique way of serving the milk tea (ice surrounding the drink instead of being in it) certainly caught our attention!
Egg tarts: Certainly the best dish around, it was delightfully sinful!
Affectionately known as bazhang by Singaporeans, glutinous rice with various fillings is wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed.
Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling): The skin was firm but soft, and the prawns were fresh!
Siew Mai (Pork Dumpling): Unlike the dry versions found in most kopitiams, the dumplings were steamed to the right texture, moist but sturdy! The meat was succulent!
Damian enjoying the spread of dim sum!
Chee Cheong Fun (Pork): Complemented with homemade soy sauce, the rice noodles with its pork (char siew) filling was tasteful and appetising!
Dim sum are cooked in steamers, brown baskets made of bamboo.
Custard Bun: We came here specially for this, and we were not disappointed! Oozing out from the bun from our very first bite, the creamy egg yolk paste delighted out taste-buds!
The outlet was very busy on the Sunday that we went, but don’t be surprised if you’re ushered in quickly! Coming here in small groups is recommended, mostly because the restaurant is quite small and compact, simulating the Hong Kong eateries.

The address is:
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza, #01-49
Singapore 189652 

We would like to mention that the food sampled is not representative office the dishes available! For example, the shop also served buo luo bao (pineapple bun) and traditional congee. So if you ever pop by, let us know of your favourite choices!


Till next time,



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