Chinatown Lights: Year of the Monkey

Indeed, Chinese New Year is upon us once again! A yearly celebration of the New Year in the Chinese lunar calendar (note: NOT 1st Jan), the festivity is marked by striking red decorations (such as lanterns, crackers and, well, red packets), delicious traditional food (such as bak kwa, pineapple tarts and nian guo) and numerous get-together sessions between relatives, friends and even strangers!

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Sandra’s Birthday!!!

So Friday (22 January to be precise heh) was someone’s birthday!

One half of Damianwithsandra grew a year older (I’ll leave you and your snooping senses to find out how old she turned). It was in our own unique fashion that we celebrated her birthday!

Having perused the Internet for a good steakhouse, our choice (or Damian’s, rather) was Les Bouchons, a realistic Parisian steakhouse! It was difficult to keep a pair of hungry souls away from our dinner spot but nevertheless, we found time to enjoy the sights and sounds around Ann Siang Hill!

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Makan Hunt @ Victor’s Kitchen Restaurant

Hey everyone! We took quite a break from posting entries of our photography adventures, and we’re glad to be back posting regular weeklies for all our readers and friends alike!

This year, we are introducing a new series called Makan Hunt!  As true born and bred Singaporeans, our favourite pastime is combing Singapore to find delicious and appetising food (although our palates may differ ever so slightly)! We both aren’t experts at food (unlike certain bloggers and websites heh); we just want to share with our readers of our favourite food places! In this series, we visit eateries that we both enjoyed immensely, usually catering to a particular cuisine!

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